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We offer a significant value-added post-moulding service.
The advantages for customers are evident in terms of cost reductions, use of in-house resources, and significant reduction in production time.

The complementary services we offer out to customers for finishing their products include:
  • Assembly
  • Pad Printing
  • Ultrasonic and linear vibration welding
  • Painting


The investments decided and approved over the last months of 2015 convinced us to continue with the electric machines buying our forth Toyo machine.

This choice continues to pursue our environmental sustainability goal, since it leads to a lower energy consumption and an approximately 50 % reduction in Co2 emission levels as compared to the replaced machines.



For EMP Moulding environmental care is a duty.
Our precise aim is to reduce environmental impact to the absolute minimum, paying constant attention to the correct disposal of industrial waste.



For EMP Moulding care for the environment is a duty.
The environmental certification achieved in the past has taught us to produce in a more environmentally aware manner, fully understand our supply chain, use clean energy and reduce CO2 emissions. Read more...